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The Rustic Raccoon Bio

Welcome to The Rustic Raccoon’s portfolio site.

Welcome to my collection of handcrafted vintage inspired rustic decor. Over the years I’ve developed my own ways of achieving easy and affordable spaces with the vintage, rustic style that I love so much. My work is sold at Steamers Coffee Co. in Sorrento BC, Canada. New to my site are my handcrafted art cards of the Shuswap and Pet Sympathy cards.

Although this site is here to showcase my work, that is not all it’s intended for. I’d also like to pass on some of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up. My focus on DIY is to re-purpose inexpensive objects and turn them into beautiful rustic decor for very little money. You’ll also find stories about my successes and yes even mishaps! After all, not everything goes as planned, and not everything that doesn’t turn out how you envisioned is always a bad thing!

Thank you for visiting and I hope that you find some inspiration!