For me, inspiration never comes in a tidy little package. It’s really more about what I’m exposed to and for whatever reason, the dots get connected and off I go.

Keith is a cabinet maker who is also my wood guy. He loves to collect things; a whole lot of things. A while back he had an old balancing scale kicking around that was missing the trays. He has a hard time letting go of anything, so I was delighted that he let me have the broken scale. Much like Keith, I didn’t know exactly what I needed it for; I just knew I wanted it.

Recently I cleaned out my stash of finds and came across two very small wire baskets that I fell in love with a year ago, but had yet to find their purpose. Often I will send things back to the thrift store if I haven’t used them by now. But I really really loved these little baskets. At this point I still hadn’t seen that the scale and the baskets were meant to be together. Planter Scale Pieces

I make little planter boxes for Angela at Wild Hearts Inspired and we were meeting in a few days. With my brain thinking about plants at that moment, I looked at the scale and the metal baskets and knew without a doubt that they were meant to be together! There was a sense of relief that I had finally figured out how I was going to use the baskets that I loved.

I looked at all the pieces and realized that the scale needed some vintage glam. That’s code for slap some paint on it, heat it up to bubbling, letting it dry and sand. Some chain was added to the baskets and attached to the scale. I had already chosen some blue and white Lobelia to plant in the baskets. Lucky for me my lawn is anything but pristine! Baskets in hand, I went off to forage for some moss.

I stood back and looked at it, happy with the results. Now in my world, happy with the results is the same as “it needs something”. I noticed that the top of the scale had no finial. I could have put a metal finial on, but I’m using this outside, so I decided that using a glass knob to bounce light off of would be the crowning jewel.

The finished product had the same effect on me as looking at and then eating (of course!) a really decadent dessert! With a sense of wonder at how beautiful it turned out, I knew at that moment that this was staying with me!Planter Scale


7 thoughts on “Inspiration Will Find You When You Think Outside the Planter”

  1. Lisa is this your own homemade paint? Do you put in the oven? What temp and for how long?

    Thank you!

    P.s. feeing inspired after your post to find something unusual in my cashe for a planter and to get this most excellent paint effect!

  2. 100%…this is one to keep. That finial on top. Ya, that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Love you can work with someone to share materials! Excellent combo. Will look forward to the next work…

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