Annie, aka The Rustic RaccoonHi, my name is Lisa and I am The Rustic Raccoon

I make vintage inspired rustic decor. Up-cycling, or re-inventing objects into my builds is a big part of what I do. I say vintage inspired because I feel that my work is a little bit different than just rustic.

I’ve just started posting up-cycling tutorials so if you love to craft on a dime, you’ll want to check them out!  I also have a few stories about life as The Rustic Raccoon.

When it comes to creating, the truth is I never really know for sure what I’m going to be making. So much depends on what I find. Sometimes it depends on my imagination, my mood and other times the pieces seem to have a voice of their own.

As my skills grow, I’ve been making benches, small tables, mirrors and shelves. Whether I’m designing my own piece or using an online pattern, the end result is always in a style specific to me.

Thanks for stopping by my site! Whether you’re just starting to create, or have been doing this type of thing for a while, I hope you found some inspiration on my site, or at the very least, it just made you feel happy! If you’re in my area, you can find my work for sale at Steamers Coffee Co. in Sorrento, BC. Canada.

For my latest work, follow me on instagram @therusticraccoon