How I Began Making Handcrafted Artisan Cards

When I first began making rustic decor, pictures were a means to sell my work. As time went by, I became more interested in making the pictures a form of art themselves. Sometimes it worked, other times not so much! In the winter of 2016, I was unable to create my rustic decor for over a month due to an injury. To save myself from complete boredom, I turned to my pictures to see if I could make some into art cards. Below are samples of some I’ve done. Currently they sell at Steamers Coffee Co. in Sorrento, BC. Scroll down to see my Pet Condolence cards along with their backstory too!

New to my art card section are pet condolence cards! I was at Steamers in Sorrento, having a coffee and chatting with another customer Katalin who owns a pet grooming business Old Dogs New Tricks. She was telling me that she wanted to carry a line of pet condolence cards but just couldn’t find anything out there that she liked. I asked her if I could take a stab at making some cards. We had to put down our big dog Jet not quite a year before, and the grief I felt was still very strong, so it was with him in mind that I wrote the sayings. A lot of tears and tissues went into writing the cards! They’re very emotional, but I wanted it that way. I wanted someone to see the card and think: that’s exactly what I’m feeling!